Cfo Separation Agreement

6.1. Full agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and the company regarding the terms of your employment by the company and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and agreements, written or written, between you and the company with respect to the purpose of this Agreement. 6.7. Applicable law. This agreement must be interpreted (both in terms of validity and benefit) and will be applied in accordance with New York State laws, which are applicable to the agreements and are fully enforced in New York State, without a choice of law or conflict of laws (whether in New York State or any other jurisdiction) enforcing the laws of another jurisdiction. like New York State. Unless there is a provision in Section 6.9, exclusive jurisdiction is any challenge or claim arising from this Agreement, as well as any claims you have filed or against you in the course of your work with the company in any federal or state court in New York County. In the absence of a legal agreement, an officer has no special right to severance pay.

However, a company may choose to pay severance pay if the employer probably admits to the severance agreement that all confidentiality and invention assignment agreements previously signed by the employee remain fully in force. 9.2 Full agreement. Including the employee`s obligations of the proprietary information agreement, as stated in Section 7 above, this agreement is considered to be the final, complete and exclusive declaration of the terms of the employee`s employment by the company and replaces all other prior and simultaneous agreements and declarations in one way or another to the employee`s employment. To the extent that the company`s practices, directives or procedures apply to the employee, now or in the future, and are inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement, the provisions of this agreement are monitored. Any subsequent changes to the employee`s obligations or allowances have no bearing on the validity or scope of this contract. As a general rule, employers want the terms of severance pay to be treated confidentially, especially when the worker receives special attention.