Client Building Designer Agreement

5. VARIATIONS 5.1 GBD may, but is not required to provide services requested by the customer in addition to the scope of work described in the offer and contract commitment letter. 5.2 The customer is charged to all additional services performed by GBD beyond the scope of the work described in the pricing proposal, including any additional services or work-related services: (a) because all the assumptions set out in the pricing proposal were not met or correct; b) due to a delay (for example. B, even if the project is not progressing quickly); (c) due to inaccuracies or inadequacies in instructions; (d) in violation of these conditions. The additional fee will be the amount agreed in writing between the parties and a non-agreement, the additional services will be billed on the basis of “time and cost”. 5.3 Without prejudice to other GBD rights (including termination or imputation of additional services in accordance with point 5.2 above), GBD may, in the event of a breach of any of the conditions and/or guarantees mentioned in point 3, issue a written notification that it is granted in accordance with this clause 5.3 in lieu of the fixed price proposed in the royalty proposal. If the customer receives a price notification in accordance with point 5.3 above, the customer is free to terminate the GBD notification in writing if he does not accept a fixed price plus. In this case, GBD is authorized to charge for work performed up to that date and which, with all previous invoices, is immediately due and payable. I.6 The planner is not liable for damages, losses or expenses incurred by the client as a result of a modification made by the client or another person to the planner`s building documents or by a modification of the planner`s construction documents or a change in the building authorization or building permit of the project carried out without written notification or prior authorization from the planner. I.5 In cases where services are reduced, limited or modified by a subsequent agreement (as described in Part 3 of this agreement) or where the contract is terminated prior to the conclusion of the services, the planner`s liability is related only to the services actually provided and has been denied only to the extent that the reduction of that part of the services has not been allocated or denied to the building designer the opportunity to correct the services provided or otherwise reduce the loss of the client.