Idb Loan Agreement

b) Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraph, the unanimous agreement of the Governing Council is necessary for the approval of any amendment: private The Bank may grant loans to private companies, whatever their form of organization, provided they have the legal capacity to enter into loan agreements with the Bank. Private companies that could become borrowers of the bank include businesses, other commercial companies, cooperatives, foundations, etc. (a) In addition to the provisions of Article V, paragraph 1, the Bank does not provide a condition for the proceeds of the loan to be spent on the territory of a particular country or that such revenues not be spent on the territory of a particular member or member. (d) Members must not impose restrictions on the bank`s holding and use, office payments or anticipation of the payment or redemption of foreign currency received by the Bank when repaying direct loans on borrowed funds included in the Bank`s regular capital resources, nor to repurchase them in full or in full. (vi) loans granted or guaranteed by the Bank are granted primarily to finance specific projects, including those that are part of a national or regional development programme. However, the Bank may grant or guarantee joint loans to development agencies or similar agencies of members in order to facilitate the financing of specific development projects whose individual financing needs the Bank believes are not sufficiently large to warrant direct supervision of the Bank. (iii) guaranteeing loans in whole or in part from private investors only in specific cases. (a) in the event of a real or imminent default on loans granted or secured by the bank using its ordinary capital, the Bank takes whatever steps it deems appropriate to change the terms of the loan with default. To achieve the objectives of this article, the Bank may enter into technical assistance agreements with other public or international institutions, whether public or private. (i) by the provision or participation of indirect loans with funds corresponding to the unassigned released capital and, unless provided for in section 13 of this article, on its reserves and on its undistributed surplus; or with the Fund`s unassigned resources; (a) all terms of any loan, including, among other things, the payment of capital charges, interest and other expenses, maturities and payment dates; and subject to the conditions set out in this article, the Bank may grant or guarantee loans or businesses to any member or political agency or branch in the territory of a member of one of the following means.

b) The Bank takes the necessary steps to ensure that the proceeds of a loan granted, guaranteed or participating by the bank are used only for the purposes for which the loan was granted, taking into account the costs of profitability and efficiency. c) Where the Bank is required to cover contractual interest payments, other charges or amortization on the Bank`s bonds or to meet the Bank`s commitments with respect to similar payments to loans it must charge to its regular capital, the Bank may ask members to pay a reasonable amount of its term loans , in accordance with Article II. Section 4 (a) (ii).