India Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement Customs Notification

The Sri Lankan government grants tariff concessions for exports from India to Sri Lanka for goods freely admitted to Sri Lanka, as described below: Zero duty for Schedule F – I positions after the agreement enters into force. Preferred margin of 50% for points in Schedule “F” – II after the agreement comes into force. The preferential margin for these items is increased to 70% and 100% respectively at the end of the first, second and third years of the agreement`s entry into force. For other items other than those in Schedule D, rates are reduced by at least 35% before three years and by 70% before the end of the sixth year and by 100% before the effective date of the agreement before the end of the sixth year and by 100% before the effective date of the agreement. Explanation. – for the purposes of this notification, “preferential treatment” for each product is the exemption granted under the Indian government`s communication to the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance), No. 26/2000 of 1 March 2000, and includes preferential concessions. Branding, labels or other distinctive signs on products or their packaging the simple blending of products of different kinds when one or more components of the mixture do not meet the conditions set out in this internal regulation so that they can be considered original products; Simple assembly of product parts as a total product; a combination of two or more sub-legs operations specified a) to f); slaughter of animals. The value of materials, parts or non-native products is the c.i.f.

value at the time of importation of materials, parts or products, provided it can be demonstrated; or the earliest identifiable price paid for materials, parts or products of indeterminate origin in the territory of the contracting parties where the opening or processing takes place. Cumulative Rules of Origin For a product that meets the original requirements of Rule 5, point b), and is exported by one of the parties and has used materials, parts or products originating from the territory of the other party, the value added on the territory of the exporting party is no less than 25% of the F.o.b.