Countries With Exchange Agreements With Great Britain

Hello. I hold a driver`s license from the United Arab Emirates, I can exchange my UAE licence for the British driver`s license. My question is that I can change my foreign driver`s licence if I am an asylum seeker with an ongoing application and I am a Namibian citizen with the driver`s licence issued in South Africa, which is one of the designated countries. Thank you for being happy to hear from you! Hello, I exchange my Australian driver`s license for a British passport, but I have a British passport that was issued to me from Australia before moving to the UK. I know it says on the form that I could use my passport number and that I don`t need to send my physical passport, but there is a small mention on the information brochure that says if the BRITISH licence was issued outside the UK (for example. B, embassy or consulate), you cannot check with HM Passport Office. I don`t understand. Would you recommend continuing to send my British passport to be safe? Does anyone have any experience? Thank you very much! If you want to continue in the UK, you will probably have to take a theoretical and practical test. If you need help getting up, don`t hesitate to ask! Since your licence has expired, you cannot exchange it for a LICENCE in the UK.

Your only option is either to renew your Australian licence and then exchange it, or to do the theoretical and practical tests of the UK. Hello Kat, almost a month ago, I sent my SA driver`s license and my visa documents to exchange for the British driver`s license. Is there anything you can do, however, how far your application goes, because it`s been almost a month since the app was posted You should still be able to exchange your license for a UK license as long as you get a certificate of authorization from the DVA. You can submit them to the DVLA with your application. Please note that you must indicate on your application form that you have lost your licence. Hello, I`m a British resident of Citizan. I also have a South African passport. I have been driving trucks with trucks in South Africa for several years on a South African truck license from EC/HGV 1. I also have a professional driver`s license. I intend to return to the UK.

Would I be able to apply for a job as a truck driver with my South African driver`s licence and exchange it for a UK HGV1 /Category C-E 0 licence? Thanks to Scoty If your licence has not been issued in the EU or in a given country, the DVLA states that you can drive any category of small vehicles (motorbikes, cars, vehicles up to 3500 kg such as vans or with a maximum of eight passenger seats) in the UK with your original full driver`s licence valid for 12 months.