Saanich Police Collective Agreement 2018

The language around psychological benefits has been changed to allow police to get advice after a traumatic incident, Douglas said. “Members see some pretty horrible things.” Public servants can now be advised more often. The collective agreement between the Saanich Police Department and the Saanich Police Association expired on December 31, 2015 and the two sides began negotiations in September. This spring, the Council and Downie went back and forth on the police budget, with Downie warning of “unacceptable benefit cuts” after the Council asked the police to limit the requested budget increase to 3.5%. The police had asked for an increase of 4.63%, and both sides finally bet on a “status quo” budget with an increase of 3.81 percent. The Vancouver Police Union conducted an arbitration in 2016 and negotiated a three-year increase that set a standard for other municipal police services. A joint statement from the Saanich Police and Saanich Police Association said the “negotiated increases are consistent with the agreements reached by most other B.C. municipal policies” and “consistent” with the agreements reached in Victoria and Central Saanich. The new contract expires on 31 December 2018, with wage increases of 3.5% for 2016, 2 and a half for 2017 and 2 and a half per cent for 2018. News of the deal sparked public anger and questions about the content and style of the announcement, which sparked a public dispute between then-Mayor Richard Atwell as chairman of the police committee and the rest of the council. A top five-year constabulator earns 100,219 $US in 2018, up from 92,165 $US. And a 20-year-old constabulator will earn 115,253 $US, up from 105,990 $US in 2015. The move has drawn criticism and even outrage, but Mayor Richard Atwell, who chairs the police council, defended the deal as a “good deal for Saanich taxpayers,” which saves more than $22,000 and decouples Downie`s salary from the collective bargaining agreement.

Slowly but inevitably, the clock turns to the expiring employment contract between the Saanich Police Association and the Saanich Police. Nearly two years after the previous contract expired, an agreement was reached between the Saanich police and their officials. The new agreement also contains a more inclusive language. “The language around the individual`s sexual orientation and gender identity has changed,” Leslie said. “Our language with the same sexual value is now more inclusive and there are no more traditional roles” he/she “. Neither side has yet obtained a communication calling for collective bargaining The new agreement also contains other adjustments to benefits and allowances as well as language updates to reflect existing legislation and behavioural changes, according to a joint communication from the Von Saanich Police Authority and the Saanich Police Association. This means that a constaulator`s salary will be 70,154 $US the first year in 2018, up from 64,516 $US in 2015. Const. Paul Douglas, president of the Saanich Police Association, said, “The police are not saying we are underpaid.” The Saanich Police Prefecture and the Saannich Police Association are convinced that this agreement constitutes a fair settlement within the framework of the municipal police labour market. RELATED: Saanich Council critical of Mayor over police chief`s contract Both the Saanich Police Association and the Saanich Police Board negotiate the collective bargaining agreement in good faith and, as such, it would discuss potential negotiations in an open forum, said Sgt. Jereme Leslie of the Saanich Police.

The Saanich Police Association and the Saanich Police Prefecture negotiated a pay increase of 3.5 percent in 2016 and 2.5 percent in 2017 and 2018. The collective agreement between The Saanich Police Prefecture and the Saanich Police Association expired on 31 December 2015.