Uts Enterprise Agreement

The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. 45.6 The agent does not object to an appropriate offer of redeployment or training and can only be converted to a lower ranking index by appointment. . (d) confirm that redundancy and reduction are performed as recommended. . 45.21 An officer requesting a review of the termination decision must apply to the Director of Human Resources within seven business days of receipt of the notice. The proportional claim is calculated in accordance with point 29.6. b) ask the administrator to reconsider the criteria for identifying redundant positions; 18 weeks plus 2 weeks for each additional year of continuous or pro-rata services and limited to a maximum of 52 weeks 45.9 An agent does not waive his right to a discount unless an appropriate redeployment offer is made to them at the end of the trial period. 45.26 The Deputy Vice-Chancellor or an equivalent Vice-Chancellor may: 45.4 During the notice period, the university will take all reasonable steps to identify the positions to which the officer may be redistributed, including the priority consideration of accommodation for staff applicants requesting redeployment. Priority considerations include the right to be interviewed for any position that the officer, in agreement with the university, identifies as a potential redeployment opportunity.

. 45.14 Continuous service is calculated on the scale below and limited to a maximum of 52 weeks. (c) the control of the staff selected for the reduction; and/or (a) a lump sum payment based on the continuous service scale, a staff member who applied for voluntary redundancy within 2 weeks of the invitation date. 45.3 When an officer is laid off, the university may offer the officer the option of reducing the notice period to three months in order to obtain an additional lump sum payment (reduced notice). An employee has 2 weeks from the notification date to accept this offer. (b) assess whether the officer has the necessary skills and experience or can be retrained for the position; 45.20 At the request of an agent dismissed by dismissal or reduction, the university sends a letter certifying that it has filled a position considered to be supernumerary. Routine marking in which the casual employee has an appropriate doctoral qualification.