Voluntary Youth Services Agreement

You may need protective services if you experience physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and/or task, or if you are at risk of doing one of these things. If you left your country because you are concerned about safety or the risk of damage to your home, or if you are homeless, you may be eligible for benefits from a children`s aid organization (society). If you feel that you may need coverage, but you are not sure you are eligible, you can contact your local society. You can find your local company in your local phone lists or, if available, at 411. In some municipalities, societies are referred to as “family and child services,” “child and family services,” or “child and family services.” At other times, only your child enters into an agreement with CAS. This means that they sign, not you, the collaboration agreement with CAS. This type of agreement is called the Voluntary Youth Assistance Agreement (VYSA). You can enter into an agreement with a company in which you reside to obtain services and assistance, subject to the following eligibility criteria, all of which are necessary: Sometimes your child may be involved in the agreement you enter into with CAS. This means that they must also approve CAS services and perhaps sign the agreement. If, on your 18th birthday, you have a VYSA with a company, you are eligible for the “Continuous Assistance and Support for Youth” (CCSY) program. CcSY provides financial and non-financial support to youth between the age of 18 and 21 (for example. B service by a company employee).

Talk to your company employee about the range of supports that may be available to you. If you are a First Nation, Inuk or The Youth of Meti, the company will draw the attention of your First Nation group or first nation, M├ętis or Inuit community, to the fact that society is preparing to enter into an agreement with you so that services are provided to you in a way that respects and supports your cultural identity and helps you stay connected to your community, heritage and traditions. The least disruptive approach: young people are often the best helped in their families, large families and communities. Our approach will involve people who are important to young people when it comes to deciding on the safety and well-being of young people. CAS can offer these services or help you find services from another organization in your community. Ask your CAS collaborator what options you have and see which options work best for you and your child. When you receive services from a company, you should expect support to identify and develop relationships that you feel are important and beneficial to you and that you want to keep for the rest of your life. Services are focused to help you stay in touch with your family, no matter what it means to you, your community and culture. You should have access to services and materials that respect your culture, as well as programs that will help you develop personally.